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Best PPC Services in India

Maximize your ROI with our Pay Per Click Services. Be ready to see the boost in your business with our PPC services at a lower cost per acquisition. We leverage all ad-channels and let your customers reach to you. Thus you will see the best Return on Ad Spent (RoAS) that you have never seen before.

Search Advertising

Search ads are one of the best ways to reach to your audience having intent. Whenever your potential customer goes to Google search they will find you.

Display Advertising

This gives a massive reach so that you'll get to hit the larger portion of your audience.

Social Media Advertising

With higher reach and lower CPCs, social media advertising is a powerful method to hit your target audience on social media.

Remarketing Ads

This is the best method that lets you interact with the audience who has already visited your website or have already interacted with your business.

Google Shopping Ads

This is the best thing for you if you are running an online eCommerce business. This lets you showcase your product only to those who actually willing to purchase.

Mobile Advertising

This is the fastest growing advertising method in the past few years. If you are running a business and not leveraging mobile advertising then you're missing a chunk of your potential customers.

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Ways How Google Ads Lets You Target Your Audience

Basic Demographics

You can find and reach to your audience based on your age, location, gender & the device they are using. This way you can show your display ads by doing some brainstorming, creating a buyer’s persona and you will be able to get your hands to your audience.


Re-marketing lets your serve your ads to the people who have already interacted with your business, website or ads. Remarketing ads are very useful because they always let your brand appears in front of your target audience, and massively increase your conversion rate.

Targeted Keyword

Targeting keywords let you reach to the audience who are searching for the services that you provide. Imagine, if someone searches for “men shoes” and you appear on the top then they are more likely to buy from you. This can be achieved with keyword targeting in Google Ads.

Why use a PPC Management Agency

PPC is an ongoing process, it seems to be like a process that sets for once and will start to roll out but it is actually 100% different. Anyone can setup a PPC campaign, but only a qualified agency like Blink Click Media who has a great experience in managing and generating a great Return On Investment (ROI). 

It would be difficult for you to run and manage your PPC campaign if you are a business owner or even if you run your campaigns then it might be difficult for you to get the best out of your PPC campaigns, because it requires lots of efforts and time. So, we are here to run your PPC campaigns and make your business profitable with PPC.

Be ready to start your business experience & get the habit of seeing the highest ROI with the best ppc company in India.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

As a company you must have a story, and being a digital marketing agency it's our duty to enlightening your audience with that story thus telling them why you're the most suitable solution to their problems.

Professional Branding

Having a recognizable brand is what can distinguish you with your competitors. And when it comes to branding then what could be better and cost effective solution than online marketing?...so we are specialized in turning a business into a brand.

Frequently asked questions

There are a few different types of Google ads to choose from.

1 – Search Network campaigns – usually text form, these ads show on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a product or service that’s similar to yours
2 – Display Network campaigns – image form ads, these ads appear on websites or apps that your customers visit
3 – Video campaigns – usually short videos, these ads are typically found right before or during YouTube content
4 – Remarketing ads- these ads are aimed at people that have previously interacted with your site and the ad aims at bringing them back.
5 – Google shopping Ads- this ad type reflects a showcase of a product that you are selling.
Local service ads- this ad type allows your business to be better found by someone searching for a service type in their area.
Gmail sponsored promotions- there are ads in the Google Display Network that allows ads to show in prospects’ inboxes.

PPC allows advertisers to show ads to their target audience almost immediately. PPC is run through keyword targeting for paid search adverts, where advertisers select relevant keywords that their potential customers will be searching for. Google ads is one of the most popular platforms.

Blink Click Media  has an experienced and dedicated team that can lead you to have a successful PPC campaign. We are conversion specialists and can lead your PPC ads to success. We crunch the data and help you generate more conversions.

Following are the key points that you can consider while finalizing a PPC company for you
1 – Get to know about company’s methodology & its working. You can identify that by initiating the conversation with the company.
2 – Know their experience and expertise.
3 – Cost-effectiveness – This is the least that you can consider but on the contrary if you go to any expensive PPC company and you hush all your marketing budget with them and say you don’t get the desired results then you won’t have a plan B or company B to work with.
So, going after a cost-effective ppc company in india is a smarter choice.