SEO Marketing – Strategy & Tips To Improve Rankings in 2022

SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO marketing has made its space in the online marketing world and is in the limelight, no wonder why! 

However, Is SEO really a hero in the marketing field or is getting exposure or publicity in the online marketing world just like that? What’s your point of view about SEO marketing strategy? Does it really work?

To know whether this publicity of it is really genuine or not, it requires an extensive well-researched analysis. 

Did you ever think of how much content is published each hour, each day on the internet? You might wonder about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is created each day and published. It is shocking, isn’t it?

Just 1/10th of users are able to move themselves up in Google’s search engine result page.

Now you can imagine how difficult it is to reach your target audience!

Undoubtedly, if you want your website’s organic growth to happen, it’s important for you to show your content on your search keywords on top of Google’s search engine result.  However it’s not a piece of cake, it is very tough in fact. But with the right type of SEO strategy you can make your SEO marketing easy. How could you make your place on the top of Google’s search result page?

Now, Here’s when SEO marketing strikes into mind.

How can SEO marketing help your website grow organic traffic? In this article certainly, we will know all about SEO Marketing – Simple Strategy & Tips To Improve Rankings in 2021 but before that let’s start with some basic things.

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What is SEO Marketing?

SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization, is basically a tactic used in the online marketing world. Simple!

What exactly does SEO mean?

A method or a technique of digital marketing, which helps you enhance the quality of the website and helps in organic traffic growth. It includes some tactics that are On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and last but not the least, Technical SEO. SEO helps your website’s meta-tagging fit in the search results of the users. This way you can easily see yourself on the SERP topmost side. SEO will help you become visible and hence organic traffic would definitely grow. Of course there are many free seo tools that you can use that make things a lot easier for you.

SEO services work like magic and using it for one’s website is like spelling magic on a website. You can call it a combo of both technique and tactic. 

SEO has its own rules of factors which are helpful for getting a ranking of a website on the top by Google.  You can use SEO strategy with your skills and that is why SEO can also be considered as fine arts.

Why Is It Important To Use SEO Marketing Strategy?

“ Strategy without process is little more than a wish list.” Robert Filek.

No matter what! Without having the right strategy, you can’t thrive. 

SEO Marketing Strategy not only gives you the right direction but also helps you recognize a good approach. It can escort practical and beneficial results, when executed correctly.

All right! But the question is: How can you do so? 

Keep reading to get all your answers including SEO Marketing Tips.

You don’t have to worry much because we have tried our best to keep all things simple in a clear and concise way.

SEO Marketing Tips

Search Intent

Your goal in the SERP is to attain a top position. Right?

However, if you fail to satisfy your target audience search intent then it won’t be able to meet your goal. Therefore focus attention on that. Determine the search intent of your audience. Never forget, research is an important factor in the SEO Marketing Strategy.

And What does search intent actually mean?

In simple words, it is something that audiences are looking for, on the internet.

Search Intents can be categorized into three types.

So to get a finer understanding, let’s understand its types. 


In this type of intent, your audience is looking for information about something.


In this type of intent, your audience is searching for any product, website or someplace. 


In this type of intent, your audience plans to take action.

Keywords Selection

After knowing about the Search intent, now what you need to know is how to find the keywords? Here you can think from your own understanding and assumptions about which words a person could use while browsing. Including them as your keywords could make things easier for you. So, Think about it without worrying.


You have to use an SEO Marketing strategy and think from the other person’s perspective what one wants to know from your content.  This way you can easily satisfy the person’s search intent by producing engaging content. 

In addition, look for the below-given points to make your content satisfy search intent in a complete way.


No one likes their contents to be temporary on the internet. Just discovering search intent and choice of keywords won’t keep your content in the permanent top search. In order to not make it stay temporary, you should add value to the content. 

Displaying Content With A Good Presentation

Writing simple is tough but worth it. Trust me. 

Making your content look attractive is the best idea to avoid bounce rate increment. Keep your writing very simple by writing it in a clear and concise way. Plus don’t forget to write what your target audience wants in your content. 

Genuine Content

Presenting something unique and original is the best thing you could use as your SEO Marketing strategy. This can help you in many ways where there is tough competition.

Video Content

If you use videos in your content then the possibility of your target audience staying on your page for a good time is higher.

Robust Backlink Profile

For SEO Marketing Strategy, backlinks play a significant role. This simply means that if you have built a convincing profile then you have already won half in the race of the tough competition. Don’t use toxic backlinks and other networks of blogging that are private. Plus never drag yourself into the process of giving and taking money for links. Otherwise, you may have to pay a penalty for that.

Website Speed

Website speed is one of the important factors in the SEO Marketing Strategy. So your audience satisfaction depends on your website’s speed also. 


Now I guess you have a complete basic idea about the SEO Marketing tips. Not only will this help you increase your digital marketing organic traffic growth but also will make your website more trustworthy. However, every day the algorithms of Google are expected to evolve for which we need to develop our SEO Marketing Strategy in the competitive environment of digital marketing on the internet. If you want to hire an SEO company that can help you increase your visibility among your potential customers then consider outsourcing your SEO to blink click media and we will make sure to hit every milestone for you that you deserve.

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